Mark_Ferguson_profileMark Ferguson

Founder of Suit of Change Day & Director of Wil Valor Group

My purpose is to change a man’s path and using my expertise on the impact of dressing I feel this is how I can best contribute to those in need through a social initiative like UP and through an awareness campaign like Suit of Change Day .

A man’s low confidence attributes to a wide array of social issues including depression, suicide, and domestic violence and a lot of these unemployed men want to project a different image, however often all they can display through their own clothing is their current circumstances.

The non-profit volunteers want to provide the best outfits and advice for these men. Therefore we provide the ideal wardrobe and we train them to achieve the best results for every man they assist.

I have witnessed the confidence and self-belief my clients receive through their clothing and I have the capability to pass on this feeling therefore I feel I must.

The silent thank you’s I have received from dressing these disadvantaged men for success drives me to expand the reach of UP.

Louise Winduss

Founder & Event Manager at Coco Weddings and Events.

With over 20 years experience in the Event Management Industry, Louise has worked overseas and here in Australia. She has planned and managed Weddings, Private Party’s & Corporate Events in the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, & Canada to name a few. Louise is professional, passionate and creative with outstanding organisational skills in every aspect of her work. She shines her professional skills and knowledge on an event and creates a memorable and remarkable occasion for all involved.

Why I have joined the team for the Suit of Change event is because I think it is vital for men in society to look and feel respectable in order for them to be confident when entering the workforce. We need to give as much support as possible to these gentleman trying to better their lives and the lives of their family. I congratulate Mark Ferguson for his initiative and I wish all the participants great success in their endeavours.

Justin Sires

Director & Business Development Manager at PFL Spaces.

‘Backed by an extensive background in sales, marketing and operational management within the corporate sector, Justin made the successful transition to owner/director of his own commercial services company in 2010.

The business has since grown to an annual sales revenue of $5m+ thanks to a high quality and evolving product/services offering as well as impressive suite of clients.

Justin joined the UP/Suit of Change cause given the opportunity not only to provide board direction but also grass-roots support via his businesses laundry/dry cleaning arm, specifically, process management and garment donation.’

Chris Adams

Chris Adams is an internationally recognised digital strategist, new media pioneer, advisor and technology executive with twenty+ years of experience in accelerating businesses, innovation and outcomes. Over that time, Chris has helped create and Produce the acclaimed reality TV series “Facebook Diaries” for Facebook, served as Chief Vision Officer and SVP of Business Development for Participant Media, through it’s first slate of movies including: “An Inconvenient Truth,” “Syriana,” “Charlie Wilson’s War,” “North Country,” “Good Night, And Good Luck,” “Kite Runner” and others.

He helped Comcast Cable & Interactive to secure sponsorship for it’s VOD platform and led entertainment business development for both Amazon, Lycos. Until recently he served as CEO and Executive Director of video streaming and syndication company and currently as a Director to US OTC company RoCap/Spiral Toys.

Chris also sits on the Advisory Boards of Australian companies Alphatise, WinWin Pty Ltd, VoiceByte and Impact Academy. He is a frequent keynote and corporate speaker having spoken at such events as: Digital Hollywood, X Media Labs, ideaCity, SPAA, SPADA, OnHollywood, AIMIA, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, muru D and many others. He is also an award-winning children’s author, with his next book, “Dan The Biggest Dump Truck,” narrated by Hugh Jackman and with all proceeds benefiting The Global Poverty Project and World Vision Australia, scheduled for publication in late 2015.


Madina Zulpukharova

My experience working with unemployed and disadvantaged people began in early 2011 when I was looking for a charity to volunteer for and chose Suited to Success (STS), a non-profit organisation established to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged people by providing professional attire, a network of support, and career development tools to help them thrive in work and life.

I was immediately attracted to STS because of my own experiences; when I was 17 war forced my family to leave our home and seek refuge in France, where we had to start from scratch in a new country without a home or friends. We were helped by several charities, including one which provided second hand clothing, and while the clothes were important to me what I felt most grateful for was how they treated us with compassion and respect, and gave us confidence that our new life in France would work out. This experience marked me in a profound way and fuels my passion for STS and the difference it makes in people’s lives.

After volunteering for STS for several years I joined the Board and then later took on the role of Executive Manager Operations, in which I managed all aspects of the general operations. In 2013 UP partnered with STS and I worked with Mark to establish the relationship between our two organisations. After I left my role at STS I joined the Unlimited Potential team to assist with the design and implementation of the program in the Brisbane area. I saw the offer as a great opportunity to continue helping the charity I passionately support in its mission to assist the most vulnerable in our community to feel confident; increasing their likely hood of obtaining employment and enabling them to become financially independent.


Michael Crutcher

55 comms is a media and content strategy specialist based in Brisbane. We aim to help clients confidently send messages into the rapidly changing media world.

As a newspaper editor, my brief was straight-forward: engage audiences with the most compelling content across multiple platforms. That carries into my work with 55 comms, where the goal is very similar – engage people with content. 55 comms helps clients to engage audiences.

I left journalism after a career of almost two decades which included stints as a sportswriter, covering six Australian cricket tours overseas, Wallaby Tests in South Africa and New Zealand, plus the 2000 and 2008 Olympic Games and the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

I then moved into general news at The Courier-Mail, gaining insights into a media world changing before our eyes. I maintain my in-depth knowledge of media and audience trends to ensure that 55 comms’ clients have the latest knowledge to engage audiences


Peter Ball

Peter’s earlier career included various roles across a diversity of projects within the investment, banking, corporate finance and private wealth management industries. This provided a strong foundation of technical knowledge and numerous opportunities to be involved with the development of new products and the establishment of new teams. Valuable experience was gained in identifying market gaps, designing holistic solutions, incubating these initiatives and then project managing through to commercialisation.

Since 2007, Peter has dedicated his energy and focus to achieving similar outcomes with a focus on always achieving a blend of social and economic returns. The outcomes are often broadly recognised under a wider banner of ‘social innovation’.

Peter’s experience includes the design, development and distribution of impact investment products (debt and equity) and social finance frameworks. Peter has worked extensively with non-profit organisations (medium and large) and social enterprise (start-up and early stage) on business model design, financial forecasting, corporate governance structures, stakeholder partnerships, securing the right resources and building organisational capacity.

Operating within this rapidly emerging field has meant working closely with the multiple levels of government, global corporate entities, large academic institutions, non-profit organisations, peak bodies and industry associations. Peter also acts in the capacity of director, mentor and advisor for a growing number of very passionate and extremely capable social entrepreneurs.

Peter has worked throughout Australia and spoken internationally on the subject of incubating and scaling social enterprise, specifically through Social Franchising.


Wade Foxx

I own a Talent Management agency called the MODA Creative where I teach social influencer how to start and grow successful social media business online through a collection of nuts and bolts knowledge that I have learned through creating successful online social influencers.

My goal is to own and manage a collection of companies. Currently my expertise is in social media marketing & talent management. I have interest in branching out in many directions. My main interest is the fashion industry with an emphasis in marketing/talent development and teaching social influencers how to become successful influencer.

Social Media Consulting:

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs and business owners who want one-on-one or small group expert advice. I’ve consulted for major companies and entrepreneurs, including top Instagram personalities, celebrities, travel industry executives, Fortune 500 companies and industry leader entrepreneurs. If you are looking for specialised training for your social media strategy, we can work one-on-one or small groups together. If this is something that interests you, just email me at

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Dan Erez

Specialties: Development & distribution of residential investment property, business development strategies & execution, mergers & acquisitions, capital raising for development projects