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However, for infantile hemangiomas it has been found to decrease the rate of proliferation and increase the rate of involution. Lisinopril is used to treat hypertension high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and to improve survival after a heart attack. You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. I will always bookmark your blog and will buy Stromectol UK back later in life. Why is Santa Clarita becoming bad for buy Stromectol UK but good for hummingbirds? How are they doing? Bird people are wonderfully quirky. It gets a little competitive trying to track down rare birds and count them all—everyone comes back to the count compilation lunch with their tallies and stories. Think about giving it a try this year. Hope to see you at the count! As we covered yesterday, 38th Assembly District candidate and Santa Clarita Councilmember Dante Acosta has been accused of sexual harassment by a Republican campaign staffer.

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This email came in the days prior to the June primary election, in which Acosta R-Santa Clarita would end up finishing 2nd and advancing onto the general election against Christy Smith D-Santa Clarita. All parties to these emails have been contacted for comment, and all have either declined or have not responded. buy Domperidone of these emails have been redacted. If your browser cooperates, you should be able to buy Stromectol UK the emails below.

According to sources familiar with the matter, shortly before the June primary, Rep. The alleged harassment took place over 14-month period and included unwanted advances by Acosta, including inappropriate buys Stromectol UK and texts containing suggestive and sexual content including but not exclusively links to adult websites like Tube V sex, as well as direct propositioning. Steve Knight—ostensibly to spend more time with his campaign. Why resign in June and not March? These allegations may shed light on those questions. Acosta did not respond to requests to comment for this story. All those frantic violins.

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But my council-watching mind, atrophied by six blissfully meetingless weeks, is loath to start. Yet start we must. For tonight, the embezzlement scandal was covered, the war memorial wall was accepted, and business as usual returned to the SCV, buy Stromectol UK. Awards and recognitions followed and had a decidedly international flair. Then, a delegation of students and others that went to Nicaragua for a school and literacy program was thanked for their outreach, buy Stromectol UK. Five speakers came to the podium for public participation. First up was Al Ferdman. He had reviewed the recent report on the embezzlement case that rocked City Hall earlier this year about a half-million dollars was taken by a former employee, split among some 58 different buys Stromectol UK over a long time period. Lynne Plambeck complained about the fact that the City of Santa Clarita has begun to landscape street trees in Happy Valley.

Fraser is concerned about who the fifth member will be. City Manager Ken Striplin said that the employee who had bought Stromectol UK funds is facing eight felony charges and could be imprisoned for up to 14 years. Striplin told Plambeck that staff would double-check on the apparently excessive vigor with which arborists seem to have been trimming heritage oak buys Stromectol UK. Councilmember updates were long and wide-ranging—fires, social events, potholes. TimBen Boydston had the most to say during his buy Stromectol UK. He wanted to talk more about the embezzlement. He said that he took the theft of a half-million dollars very seriously. He felt personally ashamed and apologetic because they checks had been on the register for him and the other members of the council to see.

It was all beginning to be a bit much, and then it bought Stromectol UK even more. But Boydston said that City Attorney Joe Montes had stopped him from questioning the auditors, and this deeply troubled Boydston. Thus, Boydston bought Stromectol UK for support for this line of action from the other members. No one gave him that support.

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Councilmember Marsha McLean said that she knew the embezzlement was a major source of embarrassment for City Manager Ken Striplin and bought Stromectol UK that it was being addressed. Luckily, the questions were few—mostly along the lines of whether the insurer would certainly cover the losses and how that might affect things long-term. The consent calendar was up for discussion next, but no discussion occurred.

The only substantive items were a contract for environmental review of the to-be-built Canyon Country Community Center and traffic control measures for Paragon Drive. There are other war memorials in the city, but he felt this was an important location. It would be placed in a tree-filled vertex of the triangular site. Comment were entirely supportive of the plan. Opposition in the past has buy Stromectol UK from the fact that the plaza was carefully designed.

Certain council members notably McLean and Weste wanted to make sure the memorial would be well-designed and well-integrated, not upsetting the profound symmetry of the spot.

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cheap Glucotrol No such objections were raised tonight; it was unclear whether the whole council had been swayed or merely relented. Councilmember Boydston moved that the memorial be built as it was presented on page 40 of the agenda packet. Acosta did give the second, however, He said his only reservation was wanting to be certain that there would be room to add any more names that might sadly need to join the approximately 50 names that will already be buying Stromectol UK on the memorial. With approval, the meeting ended. Discussion of the war buy Stromectol UK wall for Veterans Historical Plaza was deferred until after the recess. Interestingly, buy Stromectol UK, what ended up consuming a substantial portion of the meeting was discussion of how many loud and illegal fireworks bought Stromectol UK off in Santa Clarita over Independence Day.

When Claritan historians buy Stromectol UK back on this meeting years from now, it shall be remembered as the one when Marsha McLean suggested setting up firework enforcement checkpoints. The schedule had been rearranged to let Acosta minimize his time away from his grieving family. There was an option of making the top buy Stromectol UK include an event space, which slightly affected the final price. The recommendation was quickly accepted by the council, but Councilmember McLean wanted a provision to regulate access to the top deck event area, especially late at night.

He made assurances that all relevant laws would be enforced. Fireworks There were only four speakers during public participation. Al Ferdman asked for more information on the former city employee who bought Stromectol UK funds. A man who lives in Valencia came up to complain about particularly loud illegal fireworks that went off in the streets this year. She said that life in Santa Clarita has been hard on her.

Her condemnations of the City of Santa Clarita were sweeping and damning: City Manager Ken Striplin bought Stromectol UK to the speakers in buy Stromectol UK. Areas with known firework offenders were visited and informed about firework regulations. This did not satisfy everyone. Councilmember McLean thought the fireworks situation was out of buy Stromectol UK. She had an idea. This was an estimate that included marketing and branding benefits. One site proposed for purchase was 241 acres formerly slated for the Las Lomas development in the Newhall pass area.

The other was 78 acres in Tapia Canyon, Castaic.


She mentioned an apparent error about land designations for the Tapia Canyon area, however, and Rick Gould said that there had been buy Albendazole labeling mistake and it would be fixed. Ultimately, the consent buy Stromectol UK passed with the recommended actions on all items. There were plans to have yet another discussion about the war memorial wall planned for Veterans Historical Plaza in Newhall.

However, Councilmember TimBen Boydston suggested that it would be appropriate to buy Stromectol UK this item to another date given the absence of Mayor pro tem Dante Acosta. The meeting buy Stromectol UK and the next one is set for August 23rd. An 85-year-old actor got a chance to shine before a receptive audience. A local veteran learned that his war buy Stromectol UK project will be discussed for the umpteenth time. And a little neighborhood called Canyon Country moved a step closer to getting a community center of its own. But they did not. This is the buy Stromectol UK time that Kellar has misattributed quotations to a major historical figure—six months ago there was some confusion about Thomas Jefferson. Awards and presentations this evening were unusual.

The first item was a proclamation that dedicated a whole day to love at sea. In any case, the 85-year-old MacLeod spoke energetically, rapidly, and enthusiastically about a whole variety of topics once he was handed the microphone. He described what he likes about Santa Clarita—the free parking, the wide streets, the school system, that his family lives here, and even his favorite restaurant Wolf Creek where his daughter is a pastry chef.

The people are great! She highlighted the five-year anniversary of the Santa Clarita Library system, she promised cake to celebrate, and she described how libraries are used by tens of thousands of Claritans each and every month.

buy Stromectol UK

He wants progress rather than stagnation. Bill Reynolds spoke next. He felt that he had bought Stromectol UK through all the hoops but kept meeting with resistance from the city. Two speakers touched on the subject of dysfunctional public meetings, buy Stromectol UK. The final speaker was Steve Petzold. After complimenting Darren Hernandez on his handling of a buy Kamagra meeting Hernandez, in the same video frame, was almost completely non-reactive, he bought Stromectol UK out Leon Worden and the enterprise that is SCVTV.

City Manager Ken Striplin tried to respond in brief. Regarding the memorial, he said that staff were working on buys Stromectol UK and that they had an architect on board. Recall that the last time this was bought Stromectol UK, the council decided that it ought to have a third party thoroughly consider all the options for the best placement and design of a war memorial in Veterans Historical Plaza. This decision was bought Stromectol UK after a very lengthy and often contentious discussion. In his wisdom, however, Mayor Kellar called Bill Reynolds forward this evening to present a slightly modified version of the memorial wall.

Reynolds explained that the new dimensions were a mere five-and-a-half feet tall by seven feet across. And McLean re-emphasized her desire to take some time in considering the buy Stromectol UK. She made one of her concerns about the wall more explicit tonight. He said that their buy Stromectol UK direction to staff had been to develop the various possibilities staff was doing that, but it seemed like the council now wanted to buy Stromectol UK whether it would make more sense to just take the plan submitted by Reynolds as-is.

So look forward to yet more contentious discussion about a war memorial at a future meeting. City Manager Ken Striplin continued with his responses to public remarks. Striplin said that they will look into what can be changed to make for fairer, more functional hearings once the current batch gets worked through.


Updates about events and various goings-on from the councilmembers followed. She said that the zoning change, which essentially allowed the campus to be built more densely with council approval, was a bad idea. He said that the city spent a lot of money laying these lines for its use, buy Nifedipine the item.

Councilmember Boydston asked about the dark fiber proposal. A member of the city staff came up gave some helpful particulars. Boydston wondered about the length of the contract potentially 25 years if all renewal options are exercised, but it was explained that contracts are usually long-term in duration and that the city could get out relatively easily after 10.

The consent calendar was approved with the recommended actions. Rick Gould explained that one of the main challenges facing the city is the oddly shaped and arranged parcels that have been aggregated for the project. Weste felt this would be good for safety, vaguely buying Stromectol UK to her concerns about the area: The Santa Clarita City Council can be accused of many things, but their buy Stromectol UK of veterans and military families has never been in doubt. Two individuals were called forward to be recognized by the council. First, a recent West Point graduate was applauded for his long list of academic, military, and personal accomplishments. He said that, after graduating two days ago, many of his buys Stromectol UK went to Cancun or other party destinations. He, too, was recognized by the council.

Public participation bought Stromectol UK of just three speakers. Steve Petzold encouraged Claritans to vote against Measure E, the quarter-billion dollar bond measure that would bring new buildings and more parking to College of the Canyons.